Home Design Special With a Bamboo

attractive home decoration floor, walls, sliding door with bamboo materials.
There is more element on your home that you can change with material of bamboo. The advantages of bamboo materials for home is :
1. Has Exceeds of tensile strength than a wood
2. Price of bamboo cheaper than wood
3. Bamboo petung is very strong juxtaposed with cast iron
of some of the excess above the bamboo also has disadvantages, among others, is susceptible to wood powder, shorter age and also easily eaten by termites.

For the element that you can made with bamboo is:
1. Bamboo floor
Bamboo can use for eksterior and interior. For interior bamboo usually use for floor cover. And for eksterior use bamboo directly place on the floor.
desain floor with bamboo

2. Closing Ventilation
Bamboo that use for cover ventilation is a woven bamboo with a wide rift. In the construction of houses made ​​an square that will become a place of woven bamboo.

3. Bamboo also can use for sliding dor and sliding wall

4. Plafond with bamboo
parts of the bamboo used as a coating arranged ceiling. Motif of irregular bamboo hemisphere would lead to interesting effects

desain bamboo house
There is a review of the material bamboo that can be used in decorating homes. The use of bamboo in a construction can save up to 30% when compared to conventional homes. The desain home of bamboo also very fancy and miscellaneous now.