the simplicity of water hyacinth bed design for minimalist home

Price of rattan bed and water hyacinth for minimalist, traditional ethnic, houses and narrow room. and the reasons why the use of of woven products for interior design
Arrange the room of the house is a job we can do alone. You do not need to invite expert interior design if you want and have the creativity in the arrangement of furniture. One of the ways in consideration in managing the home is the material used as a complementary furniture. The bed is one of the main elements in the design room and we provide an alternative to the use of woven bed for a minimalist home design as well as ethnic. You also do not need to buy an expensive bed to give a natural feel and natural in a small room. Choose materials from the beds of water hyacinth as an alternative to furnishing your room, or your child at home.

What are the advantages of using woven bed room house for small / minimalist?
Design of water hyacinth bed does not mean always a large and difficult to set. When you have a small room, bed matting of water hyacinth with reduced size also looks beautiful in the order in a child's room, combined with a basket of toys place, and also a desk made ​​from woven rattan and water hyacinth. Another advantage is that you will be able to feel natural and comfortable that you do not find in other plaiting materials. You are also free to spray the webbing aroma therapy as long as it remains within normal level. Matting treatment is also not difficult and you can do 3 to 4 months.
example picture of water hyacinth bed room child, for minimalist home or ethnic. 

What the price of rattan and wicker beds of water hyacinth on the market?
Prices are set on the market for woven products are very different in most of the crafter. But it can be concluded for the price of rattan and water hyacinth with the best quality, rattan has a slightly higher price. So decided to use the webbing is also a pretty difficult thing, both have an beauty and characteristics of each. For the price of rattan and wicker beds of water hyacinth on the market sold in the range of $ 400 up to $ 700. You must be clever in choosing and comparing one product with another, because this is a manual hand-made crafts and have a different level between one crafter an other crafter.